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Other name(s): August Radjoe.

I am a graduate of the M.S Computer Science program at Boston University. Currently, I am helping improve the sail spec for RISC-V. Before this, I was an RA/Intern at Multiparty where I worked on a secure multi-party computation library. I love reading and writing, so I built out episodic.work to help me episodically write my book (1 fiction, 1 about history of kernels), and I also love having a nice notes app but then I forget things, so I built out thoughtforest.xyz to send me AI-generated reminders weekly about things I did. Both these things are side-projects so they are incomplete on many fronts.

I am currently looking for opportunities in North America, you can reach out to me sabhinav@bu.edu!

Here is why you should hire me.

I’ll also try to keep my book recommendations updated.

If you're looking for my old work, I'm still in the process of migrating it here.

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