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Other name(s): August Radjoe.

I am a graduate of the M.S Computer Science program at Boston University. Currently, I am helping improve the sail spec for RISC-V. Before this, I was an RA/Intern at Multiparty where I worked on a secure multi-party computation library. I love reading and writing, so I built out episodic.work to help me episodically write my book (1 fiction, 1 about history of kernels), and I also love having a nice notes app but then I forget things, so I built out thoughtforest.xyz to send me AI-generated reminders weekly about things I did. Both these things are side-projects so they are incomplete on many fronts.

I am currently looking for opportunities in North America, you can reach out to me sabhinav@bu.edu!

I’ll also try to keep my book recommendations updated.