1. Notes on theoretical computer science, algorithms and such
  2. Notes on Cryptography


Canton OS - Wrote an OS from scratch in Rust that allows for VGA text mode, interrupts, paging and multitasking. Now attempting a port to a custom x86 emulator I wrote in C++. I’ve also partly ported the OS itself to C and made it multiboot compliant. I’ve written a self-compiling C compiler that will be used to later compile the kernel itself. As an extension of the project, I wrote a self-assembling assembler. On top of the OS, I wrote a shell and a simple network stack that allows HTTP and ICMP. The OS is booted from a custom bootloader and BIOS. (Down currently to fix some bugs in private 😅)

ThoughtForest - Full-stack infrastructure voice-journaling application built using React JS, Django (Python) and PostgreSQL, deployed to modern cloud solutions. Designed a user-friendly UX and UI from scratch in Figma. Used a BART model, realised I don’t have money to maintain it on DigitalOcean barebones, switched to using OpenAI.

Spock - Passwordless cryptographic signature login Spock is a browser extension and SDK that offers passwordless authentication using public/private ECDSA keys. This technology allows users to securely sign in to websites and applications without the need for a traditional username and password.

Sol2Huff - A Solidity to Huff transpiler written in Rust.

Ethereum ABI Parser for Python - A simple way to parse your ABIs into classes using Python.

Eclair - A super quick way to your Ethereum contracts (Vyper, Solidity etc) into a rigid SDK and a testing suite. (Some errors exist)

Astralis - A Wallet built in React to quickly create burner wallets and Solana and send $SOL using Elusiv’s zero knowledge toolkit.

Todo2Ticket - Turn your @TODO comments into tickets using this tool and a config file! (Had to redo the whole thing, deleted the repo and will rewrite in Rust).

Saucepan - Set up your Ganache environment quicker. Deploy Ganache testnet for use by multiple partier, deploy tokens, DAOs, DEXes and other infra to Ganache almost instantly. (Will get around to finishing this in a week or two)

Interface generator for Solidity - Paste your Solidity code and get an interface back.

Solidity Data Structure and Algorithm library (SDSAlib) - Solidity library framework that provides access to popular data structures and search algorithms. This framework can be used to implement efficient and scalable data storage and search functionalities in your Solidity smart contracts. (Paused work because didn’t see the point)

Wastebin - This is a Rust program that can be used to move files or directories to the Trash folder on Unix-based systems. A better way to rm.

SolDoc - JavaDocs but for Solidity.

Metapoly - Monopoly on the Ethereum blockchain.


DosaDB - A simple append only database written in Python - has ARIES and SQL-equivalent, but the latter doesn’t work too well (yet).

Battlewind - An old-school text based RPG built purely in Java.

Risk Audit for Phuture Finance - Phuture finance is a Crypto protocol.

Barebones ML-Ops - MLOps on a bare metal server we got access to in school. Deployed a image recognition application to it.

Blackjack written in Java - Actually, a greek variant

Fanaa - A cologne cataloguing and discovering system (incomplete).

Diffie - A CLI mail client with quick login methods + built-in PGP (incomplete).