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Open Source Work

Some are WIP, will probably add in context after completing. Since I am on a time-crunch right now (looking for work within the next 60 days), I’m a bit behind on schedule :(

  1. Port POSIX APIs to Zephyr RTOS (Zephyr)
  2. Extract register information for RISC-V from SAIL ISA definitions into JSON (RISC-V)
  3. Improve incompatible solidity versions error formatting (Hardhat)
  4. Extract tests in test/libsolidity/ViewPureChecker.cpp to syntaxTests/viewPureChecker (Solidity)
  5. Implement dbeug_traceCallMany (nethermind)
  6. Store fallback peers in TransactionFetcher as a (PeerId, usize) tuple (RETH)
  7. Track unique tx hashes in valid announcement data (RETH)
  8. Support suggested priority fee sampling. (Foundry)
  9. Mutiny Node BIP39 fix (Mutiny)
  10. Improve Mapping::find_match to return error when multiple replacements are possible. (Sway)
  11. Added missing malloc check in libpayload in Coreboot (Coreboot)
  12. mq_open lacks support of “mode” argument (RTEMS)