MS Computer Science (Specialisation in Cybersecurity) @ Boston University, class of ‘24


Intern @ multiparty.org (SAIL) {October - Present}


  • Solidity @ Ignite Tournaments (Nov 2021-October 2022)
    • Core contributor to the gameFi protocol.
    • Internally auditing the code (bugs, vulnerabilities, optimisation) with a 30% increase in performance, and scoping out 10+ vulnerabilities
    • CI/CD using GitHub Actions, Code reviews, End-to-End Unit Tests (100% coverage)
  • Ex-Software Engineer @ DeFi Alliance (May 2021-Oct 2021)
    • Developed web3grants.co - A product to aggregate all grant programs in the web3, crypto research space
    • 12000 Monthly visitors at one point with no glitches
    • React + Node (TypeScript) + Postgres + RailwayApp
    • Project is not active anymore
  • Intern (Cosmos SDK, GoLang, Rust) @ Persistence
    • Working with Cosmos SDK and related JavaScript frameworks for the frontend
    • Writing Rust and GoLang code and docs
    • Contributing to internal tooling
    • Building internal docs for in-use frameworks

Things I’ve built!

Non-Work Experience


  • Computer Science educator volunteer for Match Charter public school


  • Fellow @ Ethereum India Fellowship
  • Mentee @ HyperLedger Cactus (May 2022-Aug 2022)
    • Main contributor to  a 4 hour long tech talk presentation and demo building for Hyperledger Cactus product, use cases and examples.
  • Project Head @ VIT Linux User Group
  • Intern @ Superbolter and ACS Business Digital (~2 months each)
  • Mentor: GirlScript Summer of Code
  • Youth Red Cross VIT volunteer

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