Computer Science (Notes on home page, these are just articles)

Stolen notes on EVM
First principles of Ethereum Rollups
Ethereum and the Ship of Theseus
How does an Ethereum transaction takes place
An irrefutable case for Ethereum
The history of money
The Preamble to Bitcoin
The state of statelessness
In defense of Solidity
Commandments of the blockspace
A guide to Linux
From source to binaries
Networking: A graduate cheatsheet
The architecture of Gameboy
Google’s Curse: Web Environment Integrity
Notes on running Stable Diffusion locally
Dual Approximated Reachability
Lessons in Building an OS (Rust)
Review: A New Hybrid Cryptosystem Involving DNA, Rabin, One Time Pad and Fiestel
Books for Blockchain developers
What do we even study?
So you want to write an OS

Politics, but more so: Society

Casteism and anti-black sentiments in Hindu American communities
The 7 laws of a free & open internet
The many credentialists of the Internet
Anthropocentric Transhumanist Feminism [essay proposal]
The next Buddha is not from Gaya
Crypto is a nuanced disaster
Praying from a careful distance
Men invading female spaces: A primer on disgust

Life, productivity and spirituality

A stolen list of rules for life
10 ridiculous ideas for a better modelling of life
10 life lessons from Game theory
Keith Rabois formula
A model to rethink languages
5 Indian Books you should read to understand India
Experiences as a single child
My answers to Simon Sarris’ interview questions.
On smelling good
The better hackers of our nature
Polyglotism and Proto-Indo European

University life

How to be a chad as an Indian undergrad?
Tips before you come to Boston
Tips to get thru VIT
IIT नहीं निकला? अब क्या करें?