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UK doctor switches to 80% ULTRA-processed food diet for 30 days 🍔🍕🍟 BBC

Takeaway: In a 30-day experiment, Dr. Chris van Tulleken switched from his normal healthy diet to eating 80% ultra-processed foods, which are designed to be hyper-palatable and contain chemicals and additives. After just 4 weeks, he gained significant weight, his body fat increased, his hunger hormone rose 30% while his fullness hormone decreased, and MRI scans revealed alarming addiction-like changes in his brain's reward and repetitive behavior centers. The rapid negative impacts indicate that children's developing brains are likely even more affected by high ultra-processed food diets, and that even experts can feed their kids too many of these foods unaware of the risks.

How Long It ACTUALLY Takes to Burn Off A Big Mac

Three friends, Jeremy, Nicole, and Cam, ate meals from McDonald's and then competed to see who could burn off the calories the fastest. They used scientifically accurate calorie tracking masks to precisely measure calories burned. Jeremy ate the most calories at 1600 and did vigorous biking and chopping wood as advised by an expert to maximize calorie burn. Nicole did weight lifting which didn't burn many calories compared to cardio. Cam played basketball which burned a lot of calories due to his weight. After 1 hour, Jeremy had burned 595 calories, Cam 313 calories, and Nicole 134 calories. In the end, Cam won by finishing in 107 minutes total through enjoyable high intensity exercise like sprints and shooting drills, emphasizing that finding physical activities you enjoy is key so you'll stick to them.